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Change is in the Air

We treat our contractors like customers!

  1. CodeBlue SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses & Opportunities for Training): Visits to help build a better rapport with Elite contractors by listening to their opinions and ideas.
  2. Sending out CodeBlue Surveys: Where contractors get to grade CodeBlue's performance and propose changes they would like to see.
  3. Mobile App: Given to all CodeBlue Elite contractors so they can send us their initial job scope and the daily readings and changes without having to call us every day. The app will allow CodeBlue to stay informed while being mindful of contractors' time. Contractors can still call CodeBlue with any special circumstances but with the app, there is no requirement to call CodeBlue every day.
  4. Increased Training Opportunities: Plan on registering for the WRT, ASD, WRT/ASD Combo, or AMRT classes now offered at our CodeBlue flood house. CodeBlue offers the ability to earn an IICRC certification, with the addition of learning more about CodeBlue expectations. Code Blue gives you the chance to position your company to earn as many claim referral opportunities as possible. Receive bonus points for attending CodeBlue training!
  5. CodeBlue Webinars: Schedule a webinar with your water mitigation team to learn more about CodeBlue's interpretations of industry standards and how to better deliver CodeBlue Elite Experience for the policyholder.
  6. CodeBlue Videos: Soon, there will be a library of videos CodeBlue Elite contractors can access on the website that will help train technicians in CodeBlue's Elite Experience for the policyholder. A variety of technical training clips, shot at one of CodeBlues' flood houses, will highlight different approaches to specific drying challenges and interpretations of industry standards. Let us know what videos you would like to see.

There are many more changes being considered and we welcome your input on changes you would like to see.
Please contact your CodeBlue Affiliate Manager to learn more and to give us your suggestions.


To assess and strengthen
our growing Elite Network

CodeBlue has announced a new SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Training) Team Program to assist CodeBlue Elite contractors in growing and improving their business.

The team features four Affiliates managers, who will travel to contractor facilities and focus on that particular business moving forward. The concept was introduced at the Innovation Summit in February of 2015 and embraced by the 90-plus contractors who attended.

The SWOT Team will be "gathering market intelligence" as much as working hands-on with contractors on profitability. The entire effort is to bring CodeBlue resources to the field -contractor-by-contractor - to improve the partnerships on both sides. The SWOT Team will also likely provide assistance with non-technical business suggestions, such as marketing, customer service, website and other hurdles the average contractors has daily. This assessment offers valuable training at no expense to the contractor.

3RP Program

Gets Elite Contractors Paid... Faster

Looking to streamline efficiencies in ways that support the Elite contractor network, Manager Affiliate Services Nick Allar announced that CodeBlue was launching a new program - 3RP - this spring.

"Elite contractors shouldn't have to wait to get paid once the paperwork is finished, so CodeBlue will now pay them... even before we get paid by the carrier," Allar said.

"Nearly 75% of our claims fit this easy-to-implement program," said Allar, who added that all Elite contractors were eligible.

The program was the brainchild of the Elite network and discussed in fall 2014 for the current rollout. For a 3% fee, contractors can volunteer for the 3RP program., which includes:

  • Reduction of accounts receivable
  • Reduction of payment cycles from 40-50 days less than 10

This volunteer program has the following structure:

  • Available now on all invoices less than $3,500
  • The invoice is for water mitigation, not other services
  • Contractor is Elite and has agreed to take part in the program
  • The contractor was dispatched by CodeBlue
  • The invoice is not a revision of a previously posted invoice
  • Accurate and complete documentation attached to the file within 6 days of mitigation complete
    • Work authorization
    • Photos
    • Job diagram
    • COC
    • RTPL

To learn more, call or e-mail your Affiliate contact:

East Coast Territories

Michael Morris - Email | 937-328-1157

Midwest and Southern Territories

Winston Smith - Email | 937-328-4029

Central Plains and Southwest Territories

Thomas Fasick - Email | 937-328-1113

Northwest and West Coast Territories

Austin Bingham - Email | 937-328-4079

National Contractor Network Member

  • Lead technician must hold IICRC WRT certification
  • Follow S500 standards
  • Insurance requirements - Commercial General, Pollution Liability, Auto, Workers Comp
  • Must have weighted extraction in the form of Water Claw, Hydro-Xtreme Xtractor, or Dri-eaz Rover
  • Fastest measured response time in the industry
  • Perform comprehensive job scope
  • Required photos from loss: front of risk, origin of loss, potential subrogation, initial damages, before and after demo, psychrometric and moisture content readings, HVAC thermostat, equipment set up, final photos showing mitigation complete
  • Daily contact from the loss location
  • Must provide daily readings

Contractor Non-Member

Interested in plugging into the network, receiving leads and growing your business? CodeBlue has a team dedicated to recruiting, training and deploying contractors that prove they are a cut above the rest.

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