CodeBlue tests drying equipment and methods at our two IICRC ASD approved flood houses each month with our clients, the insurance professionals, our CodeBlue employees and our elite contractors participating in the experiments.  That testing combined with what we see every day out in the field on thousands of water loss claims has helped us come up with what we think are the Top 6 Ways For Contractors to Go From Good to Great, in regards to mitigating water losses:
1. Meticulous Extraction – we are all in too much of a hurry when it comes to removing the water before controlled drying begins.  SLOW DOWN and use specialty extraction tools to perform meticulous extraction when removing water from carpet and cushion on category 1 water losses.  Perform the “pad test” to determine how many passes are needed at what speed with the tool and extractor you are using, The general rule of thumb is you should have the carpet dry within 24 hours and the carpet cushion (pad) dry within 48 hours if you are extracting properly.  We need to track this!
2. Containment – it is essential we set containment on all water losses to focus the drying on the affected materials.  The smaller the drying chamber the more we can control the contained environment.  Keep your drying chambers small and tight to focus the hottest, driest air on the wettest materials!
3. Air Movement – utilizing high velocity air movers to evaporate the moisture from wet materials is keyto speed up the drying.  Whether you are using axial or centrifugal air movers we must move our air movers daily to focus the most air movement on the wettest materials, as opposed to setting an air mover on a wall on day one and expecting it to dry the entire wall.  We MUST move the air movers daily!
4. Temperature Control – the factor that can dramatically speed up the drying process, as well as get the “bound” water to release from semi-porous materials is temperature control.  Heat up the ambient air in the affected areas only (above 80 degrees F after 24 hours of drying), as long as you keep the temperature below 100 degrees F and heat up the wet surfaced temperatures (100-120 degrees F) to raise the vapor pressure of the wet material, thus speeding up the movement of the water by providing more energy.  Remember, be careful of collateral damage by getting it too hot and potentially drying too quickly.  General rule of thumb, keep wet surface temperatures below 120 degree F.  CodeBlue is currently testing the use of “insulated containment” using R13 rated fiberboard instead of plastic and it is working great!
5. Documentation – We can all improve in the area of timely documentation.  It is essential you send CodeBlue readings, photos, diagrams and documents DAILY, with all documentation submitted to us within 24 hours of pulling equipment.  Also, if you want to protect yourself better from mold or improper drying allegations, ALWAYS provide CodeBlue with photos of your final moisture content readings of each affected material that was saved with clear descriptions of the date/time, control number and type and location of material.  The small amount of extra time that it takes to provide these photos will pay huge dividends in protecting you if anyone ever claims you left something wet and caused mold.
6. Customer Service – you can get the other 5 right and still fail, if you don’t take care of customer service.  It is not enough just to do what you say you will do and do it right.  You must “WOW” the customer every time by looking out for ways to impress them with your compassion, attention to detail, timeliness, extra care of their belongings, sensitivity to lifestyle disruption, etc.  Follow CodeBlue’s Elite Experience Protocol every time and earn credibility with the policyholder by impressing them with your professionalism during the First 5 Minutes of first arriving at the loss location.  See our new Elite Experience Video at .  Let’s work together to WOW the Policyholder every time!
Happy Drying!

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