CodeBlue has partnered with Livegenic to provide the technology for a virtual claims management experience. This technology allows us to virtually inspect the loss and quickly provide documentation with unparalleled detail. You can determine coverage moments after the loss discovery and create estimates remotely. You don't need to travel to every loss, so sites located hours apart can be evaluated within minutes of each other, creating an efficient workforce and happier policyholders.

Virtual claims management is the way of the future, and the future is now here.

Immediate Response

  • CodeBlue On Demand is available in real time, 24/7/365
  • The insured connects during the FNOL process with CodeBlue's First Notice and Response service
  • Virtual Claims Management allows the insured to be actively engaged during the first notice process

Superior Documentation

  • Instantly have the detailed documentation you need to assist with coverage verification
  • A scope video is uploaded shortly after the contractor arrives
  • Built in measuring and photo capture tools let you create a virtual estimate

Virtual Evaluations

  • Virtual evaluation takes place during the FNAR process or as soon as the contractor arrives on-site
  • Sites located hours apart can be evaluated remotely within minutes of each other
  • Every pandemic plan should incorporate CodeBlue's On Demand virtual claims service to reduce exposure

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