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CodeBlue Elite SWOT Visits Update

October 7, 2015

CodeBlue’s Elite SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses & Opportunities for Training) Visits have been a great success.  To date we have completed close to 100 SWOT visits with our elite contractors. 
Our major goal was to “listen” to our elite contractors to see what CodeBlue could do better to strengthen our relationship and to make it easier to work with us as we actively manage water loss mitigation projects. 
Each elite contractor has the chance to give us their thoughts and experiences with CodeBlue overall and to make suggestions for improvements.  In addition, we meet with their technicians, if possible, and talk about how to best deliver the CodeBlue Elite Experience for all policyholders by following the steps listed below.  Finally, with these ongoing visits we have the opportunity to actually meet the elite contractor’s team and to tour their facility to judge their capability technically, as well as with customer service and in some instances ride-along on a CodeBlue water loss project. 
Our CodeBlue Affiliates Team has now had the chance to see many different elite contractor operations and to gain better understanding and empathy with the challenges they face daily as we work together to build a better partnership.  In most cases at the completion of the Elite SWOT visit the elite contractor is awarded the designation of “CodeBlue Certified Elite Contractor.”
CodeBlue Elite Experience Checklist

1. Prompt response by a pre-qualified, certified elite contractor graded the highest by other policyholders just like themselves (2 hour average response time is the goal).
2. Initial email sent to the policyholder explaining who the elite technician is, that they have had background checks and drug testing, as well as what certifications and capabilities they have so as to give the policyholder a level of comfort of who will be responding to help mitigate their water loss before anyone shows up at their door.
3. Initial introduction of the elite technician and associates upon arrival at the loss location in a clean, well-logoed vehicle and presenting themselves in uniform, CodeBlue Elite photographed ID Badge and shoe protectors (shoe protectors to be worn at all times when in the home or business).
4. Showing the customized CodeBlue Elite policyholder video while the lead technician lays out their diagnostic tools prior to initial job scope and then answering any questions about the mitigation process. Explain advantages of restore vs. replace and getting them back to their normal lifestyle more quickly utilizing the latest drying technology.
5. Live video call with CodeBlue and the elite technician to help identify and record any issues, pre-existing conditions and the extent of the damage.
6. Entering initial job scope using the CodeBlue Mobile App and then making a quick phone call to CodeBlue to authorize any demolition or use of specialty drying equipment.
7. Updating CodeBlue daily by using the CodeBlue Mobile App.
8. Updating the policyholder daily of the drying progress so they stay informed.
9. Give each policyholder a chance to grade CodeBlue and their elite contractor’s performance with the Certificate of Completion/Satisfaction form and Customer Survey.
10. A complementary Risk Assessment inspection performed by the elite technician to help identify any potential future water losses so they can be prevented.
Let’s work together to build a strong partnership and identify any customer service “WOW” moments so we can showcase those claims to the insurance carrier and possibly get a testimonial from the policyholder about their experience.

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