“These products, and the processes we have wrapped around them, help carriers provide faster settlements that are more accurate. No one has this combination of technology, service and process improvement. This is absolutely a huge win for carriers and policyholders”
– Sr. VP of Property Service Jeff Holte


Our processes build a complete claim file from the initial inventory to the last payment and everything in between. It’s a paperless file system that records, stores and tracks every aspect of the claim, and allows for interaction between the insured, the adjuster, the inventory services and the vendors.


These tools include apps for handheld devices to web portals that reduce the time to complete the inventory by 50% while increasing the accuracy by 75%.


Contents360 allows you to “slice and dice” your data to provide the C-suite the kind of actionable data it needs; or simply report through the ranks the details carriers want and need.


Contents360 has an advanced database and software that allows carriers to control leakage and reduces the expense of contents claims. Carriers can always find the right item at the right price, which builds trust with policyholders. Valuation tools can be used internally by a carrier’s staff, or outsourced to CodeBlue and our team of valuation specialists. In most cases, our internal staff can get a carrier great results the same day


We added in the most advanced receipt technology to allow easy flow of documents through various sources for complete documentation and verification. It reduces the time to reconcile recoverable depreciation to just a few minutes

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